About Me

Movement is life, and self-improvement has no boundaries 

I love learning new things, making things and fixing things, especially if I can do it while being outdoors. 

My life journey (so far) has been as varied as my interests. I have worked as a gardener, a welder and a bicycle mechanic. I poured bronze sculpture in an art foundry and processed fish on the Bering Sea, among other things. I also enjoy drumming, watercolor painting, ice skating, outdoor adventures, meditation, growing food, and teaching my dog useful tricks (like finding my keys!)

I currently teach the Feldenkrais Method®  for clients who wish to tap into their innate creativity, bolster athletic performance, reduce chronic pain, or are simply interested in finding the best version of themselves. 

I am available for landscape architecture consultations on residential and public land recreation projects.


Anita is a licensed Landscape Architect. She is also a guild-certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner.  She lives in Cazenovia, NY.

A young Anita skating in Lake Placid circa 1985

Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Landscape Architect