Movement & Creativity Workshop

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Learn How to Bring Your Creative Brain Online

Tap into your creativity when you need it most, whether you are a professional working on a deadline or just looking to get unstuck.

How? By using how you move to influence how you think.

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Our world is quickly changing, and now more than ever, we need creative solutions to respond to uncertainty.

In this workshop we will…

  1. Find habits that may be unknowingly limiting you as a creative person
  2. Discuss the latest brain research on creativity
  3. Reveal the links between creativity and movement
  4. Explore new ways to work through creative blocks
  5. Rediscover your innate system of organic learning and move towards your creative potential

Open to all levels and any abilities

We combine gentle movement based on the Feldenkrais Method® and simple writing and drawing exercises to uncover and develop new tools for accessing your creativity.

Whether you are a creative professional or a business executive, or just feel blocked and want to get unstuck, the techniques meet you at your own level and anyone can benefit.

Move through blocks to a place of greater clarity and direction

You will also explore new, simple techniques to incorporate into your creative process for working around blocks and through obstacles.

$65 for 4 classes
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Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Landscape Architect