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Best Practices

Follow the Feldi Principles for learning how to learn:

  • Do less than you can - go smaller & slower than usual and stay within your personal threshold of ease
  • Rest before you need to - lots of tiny rests activate neuroplasticity 
  • Seek quality over quantity - you'll get more from a few movements done with focused attention than many mindless reps 
  • Use your imagination - imagine what you can't do (yet), even if it's the whole lesson
  • Follow your curiosity - let go of ambition and just play & explore without judgement or goals
Start Here: Intro to Feldenkrais

Start Here: Intro to Feldenkrais

Then Try a Free Lesson

Then Try a Free Lesson

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Being able to identify physical and mental habits has been one of the most helpful aspects for me...These lessons help me work more efficiently with less effort.” - Laura H. - client