Best Practices

Feldenkrais® lessons are probably unlike anything you have done before because there is no place for discomfort, extra effort, or drivenness, (things that are typically rewarded in our culture.)

It's about process-driven learning and the paradox of letting go of goals as a way to achieve them. So, here are some counter-intuitive tips on how to approach these lessons:

Principles for learning how to learn:

  • Do less than you can - go smaller & slower than usual and stay within your personal threshold of ease
  • Rest before you need to - lots of tiny rests activate neuroplasticity 
  • Seek quality over quantity - you'll get more from a few movements done with focused attention than many mindless reps 
  • Use your imagination - imagine what you can't do (yet), even if it's the whole lesson
  • Follow your curiosity - let go of ambition and just play & explore without judgement or goals
Apply the Principles: Click to Try a Free Lesson

Apply the Principles: Click to Try a Free Lesson

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Being able to identify physical and mental habits has been one of the most helpful aspects for me...These lessons help me work more efficiently with less effort.” - Laura H. - client