What is the Gift Economy?

The gift economy is based on the idea of trust, gratitude, and reciprocity. It relies on building a culture of interconnectedness, which is very ecological and very Feldi, and something acutely lacking in this world… so every bit counts!

 Robin Wall Kimmerer describes it beautifully in this essay

As my concern for climate change, social justice, and physical & mental wellness grows, I find myself increasingly at odds with the greed, extraction, isolation and "other-ing" inherent in our modern culture. So, as a little experiment in abundance-thinking, I am offering the classes linked below for FREE as a sharing of my gifts. In reciprocity and gratitude, I ask that you share by donating. 

For those who feel lost without being told what to pay, I suggest giving as much as you can without regret or resentment… whatever that is, even if that is $0.

All flourishing is mutual

Let's measure success by how much we share instead of how much we KEEP

If we brought generosity & gratitude to everything we use, we would need less and have more, and the world could be a more interconnected, joyful, healthy and trusting place.


I encourage you to generously share your gifts with the world, in whatever way they manifest.

I'm open to trades! You can contact me to discuss…

And if you feel moved to share financially, one way to do that is  by clicking below.