Letting Go

Sometimes the obstacle that's keeping you from moving forward is behind you. It's an anchor, keeping you in place despite efforts to move, change, or flow.

I realized recently that what was challenging me was myself… holding on to my story... holding on to who I was and who I thought I would be, where and with whom. This, despite all the current heaps of good fortune I have happening in my life and dawning in my future.

Transitions require letting go to create the space for something new to emerge. To roll, one side needs to lift while the other takes weight. For muscles to move you, one side needs to relax while the other contracts. Co-contraction halts movement.

We can sabotage ourselves by identifying too closely to who we think we are, or should be, and holding onto our story.

Letting go is essential for change, and here's how:

  1. soften the grip on that anchor rope,
  2. allow the flow to happen and
  3. enjoy the present moment.